Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

They need my help, do you! Let me show you how to rescue your families' memories

Are you memories stuffed in a box under your bed or stuck in some unlabeled file on your laptop, worse yet on your camera phone???  If yes than you need ME and Studio J online scrapbooking to help rescue your families' memories.

Studio J scrapbooking is super fast, super easy, and way inexpensive!  It can done on your time schedule whenever you have a few minutes because once logged in your layouts autosave so when your 3 yr-old yells OOPS, you don't have to worry about your project and run!

This is something that travels with you!  I scrap anywhere and everywhere that has wi-fi!

This is the only way that my youngest 3 have a chance of seeing their photos scrapbooked before they have grandkids.  Let me show you how! call me at 760-712-7033 or click to start now!