Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink
Head to the link because tons of bundles made out PINK!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

hmmmm technology and thanks Paper planner please!

Okay,  so here are TWO examples of why I'll be keeping my paper planner (better yet a new CTMH planner!)...

FIRST....I've been blogging lately, not that you'd notice from this blog I find out today, because even though I thought they were posting from my not so smart, "smart" phone....they were NOT.  So you have been missing all of my funny little antics that I've been typing away thinking that have been posting...WRONG! darling husband went to an appointment last night....LATE, because it was in his phone for the wrong time...he went to another appointment today...WRONG DAY, its tomorrow again he put it into his "smart" phone WRONG.

This is why I'm the keeper of the CALENDAR...and this is why its PAPER!!!! ALWAYS PAPER people!!!!!  Get your version of CTMH's pretty new planner system right now at

Friday, December 4, 2015

CTMH's new Planner's on sale

I can't wait until my new planner set comes....I don't know about you but my OCD just loves to write in a brand new calendar each year!!!! This month only for its premier its bundle together with all the trimmings at a big savings.  Check out my site to for full details!