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Online Retired Bundle sale
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Feeling creative, now what?

Have you ever wanted to craft but have so many ideas and "want to do" projects that you can't decide where to start and end up frustratedly eating junk food watching reruns (or British soap dramas on PBS--okay so now you know my guilty little secret)?  Come on, be honest, it happens to everyone. 

Here's what I suggest:

**CLEAN your crafting space up, sort those papers and stamps you've been putting off doing, clean away that last project (that birthday you finished as you as you were dressed and walking out the door to the party-come on I can't be the only one), etc.  If you are better about this than me, well Bless You and skip this step to number can insert a snack here since you've been such a good girl.

**Work on an old project you have almost done.  That layout you made but never put your photos on, a card that just need a saying on the inside, that birthday card you need for next weekend and already know what you want to use, sort photos and get them ready... Something like that.  I tend to assemble kits like Workshops On the Go at this point because they have some kind of direction for me to follow which takes that feeling of "oh my gosh I'm supposed to be designing" pressure off.

All of this will get you touching and feeling (and yes smelling for some of you real addicts) your papers, stamps, and accessories.  This alone will get your creative juices flowing.