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Die-namite Sale
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Monday, January 13, 2014

Covered Wood Letters - Frosty

I wanted to show you all a set of wood letters that I easily painted and decorated by covering with CTMH papers (more photos at the bottom of post).  If you've ever wondered how to do this with wood shapes, it is sooooo easy, so let me show you how.  Let's get started:
  • I quickly painted the letters with white acrylic paint and let completely dry.
  • Next I traced the letters lightly with pencil and cut paper. (TIP - It's better to have a little over to trim than to be under)
  • With Modge Podge glue I painted a liberal amount a glue to the paper, and applied paper to the wood.  At this time you'll be able to smooth out bubbles and have a few minutes of play to "move" paper slightly.  
  • Depending on WHAT you will be doing with your finished project you may need to apply a layer of Modge Podge over top of the paper as a "sealer".  The sealer layer will dry clear but leaves a wet, often glossed look depending on the type of glue you have.  I choose not to do that in this case.
  • Once Paper dries, I left mine over night, but I would leave for several hours for sure, you can go back and trim edges.  I used CTMH's finishing files (metal) because they fit perfectly into tricking spots and work great on the edges. 
  • Now is the time to edge distress, if you choose and then the super fun part...embellishment time!
  • Here your going to see that added glitter using CTMH glitter glitz by applying it then using a paint brush to spread it out for a more overall coverage (Glitter Glitz's are being RETIRED...get yours now HERE before they are all gone).  On the "T" I wrapped metal wire several times.  All the embellishments were glued on with my favorite adhesive (I bet you regulars can guess it) Liquid Glass!
These wood letters are from a store in Utah called Wood Creations Crafts, you should check them out.  They are a Pinterest board I follow just because they are always great for crafting inspiration. Their wood pieces come shipped without papers or do-dads which is perfect for me--I just have to add my favorite CTMH products to them!