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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Easter Bunny - The Real History

Okay, its that time again, the time as a mother I dread...time to go see the Easter Bunny.  Mind you its not like I don't like the Bunny its just the curse that happens each year.

I have five fearless children.  Santa has never scared them.  6ft tall Mickey Mouse, NO problem.  Giant Bunny with large bow is guaranteed to freak someone out everytime!  Avery, who is 15 begged to not got this year, not because its uncool, because he STILL doesn't want to go near the bunny!!!!

So it happened again this year.  Yesterday my 3 year old started asking to go see the Bunny by 6:30 am, something I have been putting off for awhile, by the hundredth time she asked though I wavered knowing this was my only day off to take them I agreed.  After school, faces washed, and hair brushed my motley little crew headed to the dangers of the mall to excitedly meet the Bunny.  After waiting for about 10 mins out he came and then it happened.  As my kids rushed up the little picket fenced bridge in smiles, the bunny attempted to help Kennedy onto his lap.  BIG MISTAKE.  Back over the bridge with blood curdling screams...Soooooo now that we're dressed up, we're meaning them, and we've stood in line after she begged, paid our money to get the photo op for Daddy (who is somewhere laughing knowing this is happening to me), we're screaming. 

You can see by the photo how we solved this situation, after bribes of "we'll go to the play place NEXT".  This is as close as I could push the child into the photo frame while she is pushing the other way.   Who knew a three yr old was that strong!

So if you're wondering why I'm sharing this all with you.  Above will be my journalling for my layout this year.  Although year after year we try to fake that perfect holiday memory for our scrapbooks.  This crazy, self inflicted disaster is my Easter memory.  Each year they beg, each year I take them, each year I'm again that mom at the mall with crying kids.  THAT's something I want them to remember...specially when years from now THEIR kids do this to them so they can send "grandma" a photo!

Write the REAL history! Not the one you wish would have happened.