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Online Retired Bundle sale
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Sunday, October 20, 2013

How to get that family photo matter WHERE you are!!!

Okay so we all WANT that special photo from whatever happens to be the current season or event...but as practically perfect as we all maybe we, we can't always make it as a family to the Pumpkin Patch.  So make the pumpkin patch come to you! Let me show you how.

These are the photos I had taken for my fall layout for my Mom's Scrapbook calendar (don't tell her! LOL):

NOW here is the photo before I cropped the 1st photo look closely to the right side in particular and you can see that mums were on sale; 
Yup, you got!  We are NOT at the pumpkin patch we are in the Walmart parking lot near the garden center door.  This is the decoration they have set up showing off the Halloween sale they are having inside (the sign was to the left which I made sure to sit us clear of). 

You don't need your good camera always, these photos were taken on my cell phone.

Keep this in mind the as Christmas is coming and your family is all together and you are at the mall and you see a great mall display with an awesome sleigh or snowman, its time for a quick family workers are great helpers for this if you want the whole family.