Online Retired Bundle sale

Online Retired Bundle sale
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Art highlights and tips from convention 2011

Corina Mitchell's art outside her booth amazed us all...glad she's my Pal!

Karen Pederson taught a class about journalling tips to make more out of your books then just Who, what, why, when, and How. These jars are filled with Journal ideas so you just pull one out and use the topic written as inspiration for your page. This is a great idea on pages that are cute but misc. photos. She suggested that you Google "journal prompts" to get topics to create your own

LOVE THIS from Corporate Art Studio, looks a lot like the mini version my class did this past spring...for sure I will be Scraplifting this idea!

This great photo block (one of a group) was made by painting would blocks, distressing, then adding the pictures. How super cute and EASY!